No Walls

More and more organizations are looking beyond the traditionalworkspace towards creating newer and more engaging work environment for their workforce, and the answer just might lie in theVirtual Workspace. A virtual office is an ideal and robust mix of of technology, people and process and will alloworganizations to move beyond physical attributes of a workplace and operate on global platform smoothly. Itwill enablebroader participation, increase job flexibility, enhance cost savings, enable integrated working model, simplify complex processes and create a whole new level of customer engagement. The fact that it will not restricted to a physical space will make it a really exciting and collaborative working environment breaking free from traditional mindsets of working, current barriers that exist and allowing individuals stay better connected in newer and more engaging ways. Truly disruptive.

Till today, every day work schedule has been all about battling the insane traffic on roads and commuting from one meeting to another. Working from home may seem like a far-fetched dream when you are sitting in a board meeting, or at your office desk or at a conference. With VR technology gradually evolving fast, going to office will soon be like stepping out of the bed. Because this is what we believe is the power of VR 'breaking barriers with no difference between real and virtual'. As we witness the startup and work from home culture picking up swiftly, virtual workspace is definitely a viable option to be considered for organizations; new or old.

The virtual office operates in a created simulated environment thatfelicitates virtual interaction between users & company's representative. The employee-user interaction is aided by virtual infographics, data representation and voice transmission. This technology can be a boon for startups and SMEs while proving advantageous for several other sectors like real estate, insurance, automobile, education & healthcare, travel tourism, etc. to name just a few. It simplifies the complex procedures customers find difficult to keep a track of through interactive imagery andhigh-level immersion.

We at SmartVizX have innovated some of these new age solutions that are all set to transform the way businesses function and to apply VR into real processes. As the technology matures, I am upbeat that more and more companies will embrace this immersive marvel! Authored by Gautam Tewari, Founding Director, SmartVizX