Virtual Reality: Bridging the gap between buyers and sellers

A decade back, we witnessed an era of ‘Mobile first World’, but, with technology making rapid progress, Virtual Reality (VR) is the new ‘thing’ in the tech landscape. Industry veterans have forecasted that it is just the initial manifestation of the new world in making and VR is going to sit at the core of activities we perform in our daily lives. According to Tech-Sci Research Report, Augmented and Virtual Reality market in India is set to grow at CAGR 55% till 2021. At the recently held WWDC 2017 event, Apple announced its entry into VR as well. Now, this is seen as a game changer for next phase of computing. With VR gaining larger foothold, increasing numbers of companies are turning to this disruptive technology as a way to better engage customers and drive sales.

One such vertical where VR is really making its presence felt is Real Estate. VR software is already changing lives in the real estate ecosystem for the better – it allows builders, consumers and even contracting agencies to walk through virtual environments together in order to identify errors and improvise on the designs, thereby, cutting on the cost of errors and reducing construction time. Virtual reality solutions help builders in delivering far more engaging experiences to customers and helping them choose the right property as per their needs. It’s interesting to know how VR software for real estate gives them the freedom to walk around, sit, stand up and preview their property before making a purchase

Consumers can virtually tour different properties from a single point, hence easing the process of property hunting. Real estate VR solutions are inarguably changing the industry, eliminating the near obsolete traditional practices. VR, combined with analytical tools, can help predict customer behaviour, which in turn can re-define property search and create transparency between the buyer and the seller. In the coming times, VR software for real estate will totally transform the reality sector, upgrade the user experience and exponentially speed up the construction process with proper implementation of immersive VR technology.

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