Virtual Reality Design Software & VR Aided Build – Powerful VR Based Solutions That Will Change The Way Projects Are Built

Let me pull a John Lennon on you. Imagine being able to design your dream project in virtual reality. Imagine the possibility of walking around a house that has not even been constructed yet and knowing exactly how it will be in real life. That is the kind of magic that virtual reality design software and solutions can wield. It may primarily be seen as a concept as of now but, it is an idea that will soon become a part of what we offer in terms of VR software and solutions for real estate and the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) space in general. So yes, you may say I’m dreamer, but I’m not the only one and, given what Team SmartVizX is doing, one day the virtual world will indeed be the one where you start building your projects in thus avoiding the significant pain that errors, omissions and rework cause.

Having shared a peek into the ‘very’ near future, let me bring you back to ‘today’ and tell you why I think that the present is no less exciting when it comes to virtual reality solutions and services from SmartVizX. While virtual reality design software and solutions can change the way architects create their designs, our VR Aided Build (VRAB) service is already re- shaping the entire process of ‘design & build’. How so? Essentially a 3D virtual reality software or offering like VRAB can help showcase a project design in its entirety including the volumes, vertical and horizontal design elements, furniture and, finishes to the extended stakeholder ecosystem in a dynamic, immersive and highly engaging format. So the client can actually experience the design in its true sense and provide better quality feedback. Let us also consider the fact construction is managed by contractors who (predominantly) do not have much architecture or design knowledge. So virtually experiencing the proposed design through VRAB helps them to understand the project far better than traditional static visualization tools which usually comprise of static drawings and documentation methods. This minimises errors in the final execution, reduces project costs and helps to ensure on time delivery of a project. Simpler, definitely more fun and of course, way more efficient than the usual, error intensive approach to design and build! VR enabled ‘design & build’ brings a much needed efficient and better controlled mode of project delivery and seems to be the way forward as far as the AEC industry is concerned.

If you still have doubts, then let me assure you that VRAB is a tried and tested product. We have successfully deployed VRAB for multiple clients and every time, the product has received great reviews. We have used VRAB mostly for commercial interiors based projects, however, this product will deliver equivalent value for any other project that involves Design or Build or Both – be it traditional or non-traditional mode of project delivery. You could of course check out our work with VRAB by clicking on this link – Or you could visit us and find out more about this revolutionary new approach to design and build. To meet us, reach out at -