ViViz VR - Harnessing the power of Mobile Virtual Reality Solutions for business

The Smartphone is an incredible tool. Ever since the first Nokia handset (affectionately termed ‘the brick’ in those days) landed in our hands, this handy device has undergone a metamorphosis of both form and function. As a simple Google search reveals, at present, India has the world’s second largest user base of smartphones, with nearly 220 million users. All of these users are consuming content in multiple formats every passing moment. Whether it is videos, news updates, social media conversations or engagement via multiple apps, the smartphone has emerged as our new best friend.

No wonder then, that we believe that the mobile will be the next big frontier for virtual reality solutions. As and when VR goes main-stream, it will be through these sophisticated mini-computers. Offering an added benefit of portability, mobile led VR will surely emerge as the next big thing. At SmartVizX, we have realised this early and are already developing smart, interactive and, immersive virtual reality software solutions for mobile VR.

Our unique ViViz range of architectural visualization software specifically targets the online community and, mobile VR users. It offers high quality graphics, and various levels of interactivity and, engagement. The ViViz framework has been developed by keeping in mind the need for a relatively lighter and more portable visualization solution. So, the entire ViViz portfolio comprises of the online solutions, the mobile apps (android & iOS compatible versions) as well as a VR enabled version.

The success of the ViViz VR platform was seen recently when we developed and delivered a one-of-a-kind mobile vr experience for our client Asahi India Glass Ltd (AIS). This interesting product allows Gear VR users to experience and interact with various glass products from Asahi. It does so by taking users through a very informative walkthrough of a villa. Combining the benefits of immersive and aesthetically pleasing experiential marketing as well as, the information of a product catalogue, the product allows users to determine for themselves what it is that they wish to see and engage with. At present this product is being showcased by AIS as a premium customer experience and has seen their customer engagement improve. Unveiled at the ET ACETECH 2016, the product saw immense interest from all participants.

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