Virtual Reality: Shaping the Future of Real Estate Transactions

Virtual Reality has been around for years, but unlike in the past, it is no longer limited to gaming and movie industries. Today, VR is disrupting business trends in various sectors, such as real estate. Especially in developing economies - such as India - virtual reality is shaping the future of various leading players from the real estate sector, by enabling them to develop and present captivating products and presentations. Among the various names fuelling the disruption, SmartVizX is one of leaders of the pack, offering a wide spectrum of virtualization solutions for planners and developers. In this post, we look at how our VR solutions are changing the landscape of Indian real estate sector.

Showcase Upcoming Assets

Selling upcoming properties is one of the biggest challenges faced by realtors, as most buyers want to see every aspect of the property before they put the money down. To overcome the barrier, realtors can now use an architectural visualization solution to provide an immersive experience of upcoming properties to potential buyers. Arch-Viz, an intuitive VR tool from SmartVizX, is one such solution that can produce a highly immersive, interactive and photo- realistic virtual tour of any upcoming real estate asset.

Remote Presentation

In today’s fast paced life, people find it difficult to spare some time to visit a property. This is one of the reasons realtors lose out on countless potential leads. To overcome the barrier, SmartVizX has developed 360-VIZ - another cutting-edge virtual reality solution. 360-VIZ is a virtual tour software for real estate that can render 360 interactive videos and project specifications. Stereoscopic 360 videos/images, paired with an intuitive UI, enable users to explore an existing property, without having to take the time out for a visit.

Mobile Visualization

Modern man’s life is inextricably tied to Smartphones. Our pocket computers allow us to do a lot more than most could have imagined, not too long ago. The ever-increasing adoption of smartphones makes them an ideal tool for sellers to present their products. Many leading realtors have already started investing in mobile VR solutions that enable them to showcase properties to potential customers, both online or offline. Arch-VizM is one such app that produces the highest visual quality possible, depending upon the smartphone in use.


VR is going places, with a number of organisations from diverse industries investing heavily in VR solutions, and the future definitely seems brighter. Contributing our share in driving the disruption, the VR tools from SmartVizX have revolutionized the way real estate operates, by enabling allowing realtors to present immersive presentations of yet-to-be-built and existing properties to potential customer, while allowing planners and architects to present life-like demos of their work. If you wish to learn more about our products, simply call +91 120 4259696